Film, Books, and Some Thoughts

My wonderful actors, my sound man and I spent a few hours this last Monday shooting some pickup shots. They are meant to correct some errors in footage as well as provide improved continuity, and I think the shots are working very well. There’s still a lot of work to do, though. After I finish my initial edits, I will send the project to my color-correction software, where I will fix the color of each shot so they blend with each other well. After that, I will apply a ‘look’ to each scene, paying particular attention to the scenes shot in the Meadow, as they must have an Otherworldly feeling to them.

After color work is more-or-less done, I send the project back to my editing software and apply my special effects. Sometimes I think I bit off more than I should have, but I still believe this will result in a decent film. And Angela Cooper, half-gypsy shaman and brilliant psychiatrist, would probably agree!

Then on to the sound: first, apply filters to the sound so it doesn’t seem boxy or fake, as well as fix a few sequences where there’s too much background noise. Then I will edit for consistent volume.

Next, music: I will score the short film (it’s looking to be about 12 minutes all told). I’ve already begun work on “Angela’s Theme”, which I think has the feel that I want in it. After that’s composed, played, mixed and mastered, I will create the titles and credits, including my “Dancing Goat Studios” logo and title, which I hope you’ll enjoy 🙂

Then, if it seems good enough, I will limit my screenings to private showings for the moment while I submit to various festivals. If it’s turned down, after six months or so I will put it up on YouTube. If it’s accepted by a festival, it goes on YouTube after that festival has shown my film.

Like I said, it’s a lot of work. But I’m enjoying it!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I’m working on “The Diamond Angel.” I ran into some complications with the plot, but once those are resolved I plan on building my first draft over the next several months. It’s entirely possible that I’ll have something resembling such a draft by April or so. Then it’s on to revision after revision! Alpha readers! Beta readings for the writing group! Once it’s in good enough shape, it’s off to the editors. While all this is going on, I am commissioning a book cover from a fine artist I know. It ought to be gorgeous if her other work is any indication.

Which leads me to some thoughts: the original reason I embarked on this filmmaking project was to promote my novels. I wanted something that would draw readers in, and I wanted something more than a simple book trailer. I had no idea I would enjoy the art of filmmaking so much. Consequently, I am finding that the writing has slowed down quite a bit, which is troublesome to me as I enjoy it as well. So I’m pledging to myself, with all of you as my witness, that I will get back into the swing of writing immediately so that I may meet the goals of the schedule I’ve outlined above.


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