Update on Straja, and some tiny fiction

The short film, “Straja,” is in post-production. This means that I’m busy piecing together all the shots and determining what needs to be fixed. I did find some shots that I wanted to re-do, but as someone once said, once the cast members have left the set it’s much harder to get them back together for that project.

So I’m working around the issues I found. I believe I can get two of the actors together for a few shots and some ADR (Automated dialogue replacement, to replace poorly-recorded dialog), but the third actor is unable to help for various reasons.

If I’m fortunate, I will be able to release the film early next year. I’m going to see about putting up some production stills in the meantime, so keep an eye on this site!

In related news, the third novel, tentatively entitled “The Diamond Angel,” is underway. I hope to publish this, the (probably) final installment in the story of Angela Cooper, late next year (2016).

Meanwhile, for your edification and amusement, here is some ultra-short flash fiction:

For sale: Last remaining human, cheap.


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