About the Author

David is a software engineer by trade, working from home on the 41 acre ranch he co-owns with his partner. When he’s not wrangling websites, he plays upright bass from time to time, studies and teaches esoteric philosophy, and very occasionally wrestles goats.

While he had dreamed of writing fiction since his teens, David had not taken that dream very far. That is, until last year, when two friends in his writing group pressured him to present a story rather than the poetry or game rules he had been working on. Resurrecting a tale about a young woman with an extraordinary talent, he found traction and, before long, completed NaNoWriMo in 2013 with a first draft of what was to become “The Soul Thief.”

While shepherding that story toward completion (look for it later in 2014!), a cousin casually suggested that he publish a collection of his micro-poems. The result: “Poems de Terre: A Short Collection,” which contains a number of his pieces as well as half a dozen of the poems his partner, Rachel, had written. With an eye to producing a second volume of these, David continues to write poems when he’s not working on his novels or short stories.

You can find his author page on Amazon.com here.