A Novella Idea

Between the books, between the worlds… Following my newly-sensitive nose and exploring a novel idea, as it were: write a short (4-book) series of novellas, each of which explores a *certain topic* that follows on from “The God of Battles.” After the series, dive into a full-length novel, which I am *very* tentatively entitling “The Lady of Light.” Of course, now that I’ve said it, that title will be a bit harder to dislodge if I find something better.

I’m finding that a novella is an interesting challenge. Though I am a flailing infant in the world of creative writing, the space constraints of a shorter form feel a bit claustrophobic. I think the best approach is to limit to one viewpoint, keep the number of settings down to a minimum, and focus on the protagonist’s story arc to the exclusion of all else.

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