Alpha reading in progress for “The God of Battles”

Rachel, my prime reader and life partner, has been working with me to whip the manuscript into readable shape for submission to my content editor. The work we’re doing together will, I believe, ensure that the editor not stumble over egregious errors. And boy are there egregious errors. This is what comes of working **really** fast on a large, complex story, but I feel confident that this story will be the better for it.

That said, it’s always a little discouraging when one of my little gems turns out to be a crackerjack toy rather than something of polish and depth. There was a little scene that I had to essentially rewrite completely this morning, for example. It was atmospheric, and I thought it introduced a good story idea. But it turned out to be completely confusing for the reader (aka Rachel), so I replaced it with something a bit more mundane but a great deal more comprehensible.

Onward! November 6th is my drop-dead date.

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