The God of Battles

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War is Hell. Especially when it’s a War in Heaven.

Dr. Angela Cooper, half-Romani psychiatrist and psychic healer, is opening a mental health clinic in Oakland. Specializing in patients with PTSD, she wishes to use her healing talent to make her part of the world a better place. When she meets Simon Fenway, a traumatized war vet, she learns that the world has other ideas.

“Your power awakens many sleeping things.”

So warns the spirit of her dead Teacher. Soon, old Romani sorcery and reawakened antediluvian spirits embroil her in an Otherworldly War between godlike powers that threatens to spill over onto Earth. Is Angela ready to enter the battlefield of the mind to save her patient?

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The God of Battles (Gypsy Dreamwalker, #2)

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The Soul Thief

Ever since the tragic accident that claimed the lives of the Grey family, Dr. Angela Cooper, psychiatrist and half-gypsy psychic healer, has refused to use her dream walking power. However, when Cassandra Grey, a survivor of the deadly fire, turns up unexpectedly at the hospital, Angela agrees to help her. Entering the Otherworld to heal the girl’s mind, Angela discovers a powerful, shadowy presence that knows her name and her darkest secrets.

When Angela’s estranged shaman grandfather warns her that this shadowy entity seeks to steal her soul, she ignores him until it kills a close friend. Now she’s ready to fight, waging a supernatural conflict in the dreamscape of the Otherworld. Discovering that Cassandra’s unconscious mind holds the key to victory, Angela recruits her help to defeat the Soul Thief and save her family, friends, and, ultimately, everyone at the hospital.

This paranormal fantasy novel is the first book in the Gypsy Dreamwalker series. It is published in both Kindle and paperback editions on Amazon.

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The Soul Thief: The Gypsy Dreamwalker. Book One

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